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    AiM Alberta CoronaVirus

    Why Stay Home If You Just Have the Sniffles?

    AiM Alberta CoronaVirus

    Public health officials are advising for people with mild or moderate symptoms to stay home and self quarantine until the symptoms pass. In all likelihood if you are feeling unwell, have a fever and cough, you probably just have the seasonal flu or common cold.

    Understandably, it can be upsetting once the sniffles set in because the symptoms of the COVD-19 virus and common seasonal flu are similar.

    So how do you know the difference? The short answer – it’s about the amount of time you are sick. The cold and mild flu symptoms usually resolve themselves within a few days. However, the COVD-19 virus continues to get worse rather than better over time.

    What to look out for – often there is a suspicion of Coronavirus if you are short of breath. That is not to say you have the virus because people can also develop pneumonia from the flu. Either way if you are short of breath, you should seek medical attention.

    If you have been infected with the COVD-19 virus you will likely start showing symptoms within 5 days. That being the case, for the safety of yourself, your co-workers and the people you’re in contact with throughout the day, as soon as you start feeling unwell, err on the side on caution and work from home until your symptoms pass.

    Our people continue to be a critical component of our success. We invest in maintaining a team that understands our business and takes pride in everything we do.

    Mike Bailey – President, AiM

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