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    Top 10 Reasons To Hire an External Company for Your Project Evaluation

    Planning a project that requires large capital investment?

    If you are planning a project that requires large capital investment, it’s crucial to employ a team of specialists for fully integrated feasibility studies, due diligence assessments, economic evaluations and risk assessments.

    Top 10 Reason to Hire an External Project Evaluation Team


    1. When you do not have the in-house expertise to plan and implement a monitoring and evaluation strategy.

    2. When your staff do not have the time to focus on the evaluation.

    3. When your project is very complex and outcomes are less tangible and difficult to document.

    4. When your funder requests a professional, external evaluation.

    5. When there is a serious problem with your project, and you need a strong, objective voice to assess the situation, navigate conflict and provide practical solutions.

    6. Having an experienced Project Evaluation Team can bring more credibility, accuracy, and perspective to your project’s evaluation process and findings.

    7. External Project Evaluation Teams are often more disinterested and objective in their view of a program and its outcomes.

    8. External Project Evaluation Teams have often “seen” an abundance of programs, and the resulting knowledge can be a substantial asset to the organization that engages their professional services.

    9. External Project Evaluation Teams are less susceptible to the internal politics of organizations, have less of an economic ‘stake’ in the success or failure of a program, and therefore are better positioned to provide an unbiased eye with which to conduct a program evaluation.

    10. An External Project Evaluation Team will likely produce a higher quality evaluation.


    If you are feeling overwhelmed at the prospect of developing an in-depth Project Evaluation and aren’t sure you have the manpower or expertise to properly dedicate to each phase, hiring an External Project Evaluation Team like AiM might be the answer for your organization.


    Reach out to Mike or Lane, they’re happy sit down and discuss how the AiM Project Evaluation Team can help get your project green-light ready.

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