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    Canadian Pipelines Will Help Improve Hospitals all Across Canada

    Completing the Trans Mountain Pipeline, Keystone XL Pipeline, and the Energy East Pipeline is Expected to Help Improve Hospitals and Schools all Across Canada for Decades to Come

    Once completed, the revenue generated for each Province in Canada annually is expected to be billions upon billions, thanks in large part to getting our pipelines built.  All Canadians will benefit from shipping our most valuable natural resource to global buyers. This means every Province  will have the much needed revenue, annually, to put towards their education and healthcare systems, as well as other social programs.


    But that’s only if the pipelines are allowed to be built in a timely manner. Currently without new pipelines, we are forced to sell our product to one customer at a discounted rate. Nearly all the oil produced in Canada goes to the United States. For much of the last decade, we have been selling our product into the United States at a discount price. The planned pipelines will put a stop to this because we will be able sell to customers around the world and earn more on every barrel of oil sold.


    • Canada is the fourth largest producer and fourth largest exporter of oil in the world
    • 98% of Canada’s proven oil reserves are located in the oil sands
    • 99% of Canada’s oil exports go to the United States


    Unfortunately, due to years of internal squabbling that mixes policy with business – we have not been able get our valuable product shipped out to the global marketplace. It is hard to understand where the opposition is coming from when you look at the global supply and demand equation.


    “No country would find 173 billion barrels of oil in the ground and leave them there”, said Prime Minister Trudeau in Houston, 2017 as reported by CBC News.


    It doesn’t seem like it should be so complicated, we simply need to get our product out of one province, piped through another province, put on tankers and shipped out to our buyers. Just like every other country in the world does it. Yet, for some reason, we cannot get this done. As our hands remain tied, we are stuck in a business deal with no other options or buyers.


    Politics aside – as Canadians, we need to start thinking of this one business deal as a country wide issue that affects all of us. As our competitors around the world are building and basking in the glow of selling their products to the highest bidders, ours remains land-locked with only one way out. Our competitors, like the United States, Norway, Russia, and Saudi Arabia are fuelling their economies from the revenue created by selling their products all over the world.


    The United States currently exports their product to 180 countries. They are also the largest oil producer in the world, and yet they remain our only trading partner for our product.



    So here we sit, with 1/3 of the world’s oil reserves, allowing internal squabbling to delay every Canadian from benefiting from this potential vast revenue. Economic forecasting suggests that Canada is setting itself up for a disaster if we are not able to do business in the same manner as our competitors.  If we don’t change our thinking, we are going to be left in the dust both socially and economically, while others reap the huge rewards from selling their products to the highest bidder.

    “We believe the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion is in the best interest of all Canadians.”
     said Prime Minister Trudeau. CBC News, August 2018

    As our Federal Cabinet Ministers are set to decide again on the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion this week, we must all ask ourselves as Canadians, why are we not demanding a stop be put to all the road-blocking? It is imperative we get our product shipped through the pipelines. Every province in Canada  sorely needs the billions of dollars to build our new hospitals, new schools, new highways, and all the other social programs we have a right to as Canadians.


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