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    Carbon Mitigation in Alberta

    What is Carbon Mitigation?

    Carbon mitigation aims to reduce the output of greenhouse gas emissions, and Canadian technology such as carbon capture, utilization and storage (CCUS) processes are leading the way.

    CCUS technology is based upon capturing C02 produced from industrial processes, repurposing it for further oil recovery, and then storing it in a safe and environmentally sound environment.

    Colours of Change

    The methods for identifying oil responsibility are adapting as well. ‘Grey hydrogen’ is produced from natural gas, ‘green’ hydrogen from completely renewable resources, and a newer term in the industry, ‘blue hydrogen’ lies in the middle.‘Blue Hydrogen’ is a category that describes natural gas that has utilized the processes of capturing carbon and storing it, reducing overall emissions. CCUS technology falls under the blue hydrogen label, and offers a sustainable and economical solution.

    What is Alberta’s role?

    Alberta is leading the charge in making real change to our CCUS process. The Alberta Carbon Trunk Line runs from Lacombe to north of Edmonton and captures C02 from oil refineries and transports it to an oil field where it is further used to produce resources while being safely contained deep underground. The ACTL is the largest C02 infrastructure project in the world, and recently achieved the milestone of capturing and storing over 1 million tonnes of C02.

    Specifically, the North West Redwater Sturgeon Refinery in Alberta is the first refinery in Canada in over 35 years, and is designed to use leading technology to minimize environmental impacts. This refinery is an example of CCUS technology lowering carbon fuels while supporting new employment opportunities in Alberta. 

    “Our Mission: To build, operate and grow a safe, profitable and environmentally responsible bitumen refinery creating high-value products for Alberta and the world.”

    Carbon Mitigation projects created by Alberta’s energy innovators demonstrate support for the national Canadain agenda for emission reduction. Cooperation creates a better Canada.

    Investing in Canadian oil means investing in our communities, people, and future.

    The True Nature of AiM Land –

    We are a full service land consulting firm with innovative and expert knowledge of the land. We offer expertise for a broad spectrum of major energy projects across Canada and the United States. We are a full-service broker that does all portions of a project internally; we do not outsource any part of the work. We utilize leading edge technology to reduce costs, improve communications, and ultimately deliver the project more efficiently and done for the best price. Our strong and dynamic team brings extensive knowledge from the field and varying experiences to each project.

    Reach out to connect with us to learn how we can help with your project. 

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