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    International Survey Ranks Canada as #1 Oil and Natural Gas Exporter

    It’s good news for the Canadian Energy industry, respondents from 31 countries around the world chose Canada as their #1 oil and natural gas exporter from among the world’s top 11 energy-exporting nations.

    The 2019 International survey “Global Energy Pulse” found that the Canadian Energy Industry is considered a leader in innovation and reduction of environmental impacts. The study found that support is strong for countries such as Canada, that have climate change policies in place.

    Interestingly the survey also found that a strong majority of Canadians – 70% – prefer Canadian oil and natural gas to imports from other countries. 52% also believe Canada’s energy is the safest and most responsibly produced in the world. Which may be surprising to some.

    60% of those surveyed also reject activist tactics. Also noted, of the Canadians surveyed, 50% believed critical views about the industry were more about political confrontation and don’t reflect reality in Canada.


    — Of the 31 countries that participated via the Ipsos Online Panel, 26,325 adults were interviewed. The 2019 Global Energy Pulse survey is a follow up to a similar study undertaken in 2017 by Ipsos, on behalf of the CAPP. The Ipsos 2019 Global Energy Pulse can be found here.

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