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    88% of Canadians Want an Increase in Mining of Canadian Critical Minerals

    88% of Canadians Want an Increase in Mining of Canadian Critical Minerals

    88% of Canadians Want an Increase in Mining of Canadian Critical Minerals

    There is an emerging notion that Canada could be the next superpower in the mining sector of critical minerals that are needed to supply the global energy transition.

    Recent polling data by Abacus Data finds that almost 90% of those surveyed like the idea of Canada being a preferred source for critical minerals. These minerals are crucial in the production of solar cells, high-density batteries and wind turbines.

    Critical minerals are seen as vital to growing Canada’s clean, modern economy. Today’s global supply and investment plans for many critical minerals fall well short of what is needed to support an accelerated deployment of solar panels, wind turbines and electric vehicles. Key minerals and metals that – left unaddressed – could make global progress towards a clean energy future slower or more costly, and therefore hamper international efforts to tackle climate change.

    The Canadian government says there are vast reserves for critical minerals lying in the ground, as well as the Canadian Shield with its masses of igneous and metamorphic rocks. Canada has the opportunity to be a leading mining nation, and a key global producer of critical energy minerals such as copper, nickel and cobalt.

    The International Energy Agency predicts demand for critical minerals will double by 2040. Electric vehicle purchases are expected to grow tenfold this decade, creating a massive demand for lithium batteries and the cobalt that prevents them from melting. There is a concern that as clean energy transitions accelerate globally and solar panels, wind turbines and electric cars are deployed on a growing scale, the rapidly growing markets for key minerals could be subject to price volatility, geopolitical influence and even disruptions to supply.

    88% of Canadians polled want international investment into Canadian critical mineral and metal companies

    With a mining sector committed to responsible mineral development, Canada is uniquely positioned to supply the world with leading energy minerals, representing a significant opportunity for the Canadian economy for years to come.

    Mining in Canada

    AiM’s expertise in this sector has earned us a solid reputation for using leading edge technology that reduces costs and improves stakeholder communications, which ultimately helps us deliver projects on time and on budget. Reach out to learn how we can help with your next mining project.

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