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    Alberta’s Hydrogen Roadmap to Recovery

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    Alberta’s Hydrogen Roadmap to Recovery

    Alberta’s Hydrogen Roadmap to Recovery

    The world’s energy systems are undergoing radical transformation driven by the need to mitigate climate change. Development of an at-scale, clean hydrogen economy seems to be a strategic priority for Alberta and Canada.

    The Hydrogen Roadmap is part of the Alberta’s Government’s Recovery Plan by doubling down on Alberta’s energy resources and positioning the province as a dominant player in the global clean energy industry.

    “Alberta has been a global leader in responsible energy production for decades, and now we’re ready to apply that leadership to hydrogen. We have the technology, experience and innovation needed to establish Alberta as the world-leading destination to produce clean hydrogen.” – Jason Kenney, Premier

    Since hydrogen emits zero carbon dioxide when used, it can significantly reduce emissions in a number of sectors, including heating, industrial processes, power generation and transportation. As one of the top 10 hydrogen producers in the world today, we are rich in the feedstocks that produce hydrogen. We are blessed with a strong energy sector, and the geographic assets that will propel Canada to be a major exporter of hydrogen and hydrogen technologies.

    The Hydrogen Roadmap is expected to spur global investments and strategic partnerships. The economic and environmental opportunities are vast – coast to coast, creating as many as 350,000 good, green jobs over the next three decades. All while dramatically reducing our greenhouse gas emissions, along with putting a net-zero future within Canada’s reach.

    “With a global market estimated to be worth $2.5 trillion a year by 2050. With Alberta’s Recovery Plan, we are laying the groundwork to establish Alberta as a source of hydrogen that can power Canada and the world for decades to come. This means thousands of good jobs, diversifying our economy and reducing emissions. It’s a win-win-win.” – Jason Kenney, Premier


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    We specialize as a fully integrated land consulting firm with innovative and expert knowledge of the land that services a broad spectrum of major energy projects across Canada. Connect with us to learn how we can assist you on your pre and post energy project.

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