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    Mining in Alberta is on the Rise

    Global Demand for Alberta Minerals On the Rise

    Economic Boom for Alberta – Global Demand for Minerals On the Rise

    As a leader in responsible development, Alberta has an enormous potential to be a major contributor to the global mineral sector because of the province’s wealth of natural resources, technological innovation, and experienced workforce.

    Renewing Alberta’s Mineral Future – A Key Pillar of Alberta’s Recovery Plan
    “Our strategy and action plan will help grow and develop a strong minerals sector. These minerals are critical to supporting clean energy technologies and the shift towards a lower-carbon economy.
    – Sonya Savage, Minister of Energy

    As the global demand continues to rise for batteries, cell phones, energy storage cells for products such as wind turbines and electric vehicles, so does the demand for Alberta’s resources.

    Found in Alberta:

    • Cobalt – rechargeable batteries and superalloys
    • Diamonds – manufacturing and jewelry
    • Iron – manufactured steel, food storage cans, automobiles and heavy machinery
    • Lithium – primarily for lithium-ion batteries, greases and pharmaceuticals
    • Magnesium – furnace linings for manufacturing steel and ceramics
    • Nickel – magnets, rechargeable batteries, steel and superalloys
    • Potash – primarily used in fertilizer
    • Titanium – metal alloys and pigments
    • Uranium – primarily used for nuclear fuel
    • Vanadium – primarily used for catalysts, alloys and for energy storage
    • Zirconium – high-temperature ceramics
    • Zinc – steel plating, alloys, paints, rubber, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals
    • Rare earth elements (REE) – primarily used in wind turbines, clean technologies, batteries and electronics

    “As global energy systems continue to evolve and decarbonize, critical and rare minerals are needed to advance our energy future. Alberta stands to be a global player with a modern minerals strategy that will help diversify our economy, while expanding our natural resources industries.”

    Adam Legge, president, Business Council of Alberta


    The AiM Land has earned a solid reputation for using leading edge technology to reduce costs and improve communications, which ultimately helps us deliver projects on time and on budget.

    With four locations in Calgary, Edmonton, Regina, and Grande Prairie, our regionally located land agents, along with our in-house team of experienced project managers and administrators successfully complete Stakeholder Consultations, Stakeholder Negotiations, Right of Way Acquisitions, Document Preparation, Data Management, Regulatory Compliance, and Construction Support on behalf of the industry, government, and landowner stakeholders.

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