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    Gabrielle Leakey – Operations Manager

    Gabrielle Leakey, Operations Manager

    AiM is pleased to announce the appointment of Ms. Gabrielle Leakey to the position of Operations Manager. AiM has been in a period of intense growth, and as such has been optimizing process streams, including promoting long-term talent. A consummate life long-learner, Gabrielle has a significant amount of education within business management, land management, and accounting. Gabrielle is a knowledgeable, licensed land agent as well as a confident, seasoned and highly competent project manager. Her primary focus is working with Operations Management and Midstream Development. Considered a Subject Matter Expert with respect to land pipeline integrity projects that span throughout Canada, she specializes in both CER and AER regulations. Her experience as a Project Manager has provided her the opportunity to influence her work environment, and community. Building relationships with landowners and clients is a key piece to her productivity and in her ability to complete projects on strict deadlines. She is particularly skillful at dispute resolution and with a strong sense of ethics, she exhibits a high level or professionalism and accuracy in all work that she manages.


    Gabrielle grew up in Calgary and has two beautiful boys and an amazing family. She enjoys hiking, going on weekend getaways to the mountains with her family, cooking challenging dishes with her husband, and most of all, her beloved English Bulldog, Maggie Mae. She is a remarkable philanthropist, and since High School has been actively involved in fundraising for multiple causes. Gabrielle is a compassionate, highly organized and determined individual who is known for her enthusiastic personally, outstanding attention to deal and for being a fantastic mentor to junior staff.


    “ I am so passionate about empowerment for people personally and in the workplace. My interest in helping and developing my staff and colleagues has led me to desire Truth and Integrity in my personal and profession life and fairness for all, no matter what their circumstance.”


    Please join me in congratulating Gabrielle on her new role.

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