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    Is it Time for an Integrated Services for Your Business?

    Is it Time for an Integrated Solution for Your Business?

    Research suggests that over 80 percent of organizations report high or moderate degrees of information silos. These silos can wreak havoc across organizations by slashing productivity, reducing data accuracy and consistency, clouding visibility across the organization, and increasing costs.

    Many companies have to hire, both externally or internally Senior Land Personnel, Senior Environmental Planners, Indigenous Consultation Specialists and expert GIS professionals. To make matters worse, siloed departments in the energy sector are notorious for causing time consuming, labor intensive manual processes.


    Organizations that choose to work with a company that offers specialists under one roof find efficiency, cost reductions and accurate information by employing a robust integrated team of experts.

    Top 3 Reasons to use an Integrated Service Solution:


    1. Improved Productivity

    When information is siloed in different departments, and when the time comes to create reports, managers find themselves foraging for the right information in spreadsheets across the organization — a quest that can take days or weeks.

    When using an Integrated Business solution, all information is in one place. Decision making and reporting becomes faster and more productive.


    2. Accurate Information and Decisions

    When information is siloed, human error often means the wrong information is reported. Inaccurate information leads to poor decisions that hinder business success. Worse, when the same information is housed in different places, the organization has several versions of the truth. If one is updated and the other isn’t, data becomes inconsistent, creating confusion over what information is the most accurate and up-to-date.


    Housing information in one central location eliminates inaccuracies and inconsistencies. A single, accurate version of the truth gives greater confidence in the data used to make decisions.


    3. Greater Visibility and Insights

    Silos make it a hassle to get the right information to the right people across the organization in a timely manner. Because managers must manually sift through and extract information from many applications, reporting can drag on for weeks. This results in one of the following:


    1) Companies make slow decisions because they waste countless hours pulling together reports.


    2) Companies forgo the reporting process and instead make hasty and risky decisions from gut instinct. Faulty or postponed decisions have a disastrous impact on companies ability to accurately define customer requirements, chart the direction for firms, analyze performance, or achieve a competitive edge.


    Integrated Business services improve business planning and performance tracking. It allows organizations to create forecasts and make informed decisions from accurate information. Managers use this information to make informed decisions that improve customer satisfaction, competitive advantage, and business success. Integrated Business services gives clear visibility and allows companies to react swiftly to changing business conditions which improves competitive advantage.


    If you’re interested in discussing how AiM’s Integrated Business Services can help your company gain efficiencies and potential profitability, reach out. We’re happy to walk you through our competitive advantageous solutions.

    “We are proud of our team of people with different backgrounds, beliefs and knowledge that bring everything together to achieve amazing results for our clients.
    Mike Bailey –  President of AiM Land
    Mike Bailey President AiM Land

    Mike Bailey


    President of AiM Land
    AiM LAND

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