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    Hire A Local – Support a Community

    Hire A Local – Support a Community

    Many stakeholders ask ” how will this project benefit my community?”

    This simple question seems to be a mainstay when consulting with stakeholders on energy projects. Often, the answer is that the development will increase tax revenue and provide future opportunities for growth.


    Frequently, energy development occurs in regions with limited population. The demand for skilled local staff quickly outpaces the supply. The interim solution is a Mobilized Workforce to accomplish project related tasks. A widely known example of this is the large number of women and men from across Canada that make up this workforce during the construction phase of major pipeline projects, mining expansions and resource extraction. Once these tasks are completed the Mobilized Workforce returns home.


    Aside from the excellent opportunities for the Mobilized Workforce, the question remains for stakeholders, how will this project benefit my community in the long term? The answer, the greatest social and community benefit projects bring is when companies employ staff that is focused on the operations and maintenance of the assets. This workforce tends to lay down roots and establish themselves in the community.  They invest into their new communities through personal expenses that support their lifestyle. Those economic gains add to the prosperity and benefits the whole community.


    If you go to any town in the prairie provinces that has an established energy sector and you will find this newly planted workforce coaching hockey, volunteering at local events and leading the charge in the promotion of local initiatives. Many of these folks now fully embrace and champion the promotion of the region. It’s a win for rural communities and a win for all Canadians.

    Lane Boisjoli

    Hockey Coach and a leader of the AiM’s Project Evaluation Department. Lane and his team offer client experiences across many disciplines in the energy sector.  With their knowledgeable experts, they ensure the highest level of client satisfaction and accuracy when producing a complete evaluation of all project requirements.
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    Lane Boisjoli


    Vice President AiM Land
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