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    AiM Business Continuity Plan

    AiM’s Business Continuity Plan Has Been Enacted

    AiM Business Continuity Plan

    We want to reassure all of our clients, employees and colleagues that our Business Continuity Plan has been enacted, our business remains open and our team is working at all levels.

    We all knew the potential for a global crisis existed and many companies like ours created a Continuity Plan for times just like this. At AiM, we also made the decision to invest in innovative technology which allows for little business disruption during a crisis. Now that our Continuity Plan has been enacted, our team of experts are able to carry on with projects as usual from their desks in their homes.

    We wish all of our clients and colleagues well during this crisis. Like the rest of world we hope for a speedy recovery and look forward to continuing business as usual.

    If you have questions or concerns we welcome you to reach out:

    AIM-Land Circle R2
    Mike Bailey President AiM Land
    Mike Bailey
    President – AiM Land

    D: 403-648-5402
    C: 403-680-4991

    AIM-Land Circle R2
    Lane Boisjoli
    Vice President – AiM Land

    D: 403-648-5401
    C: 403-648-5401

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