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    Damage Prevention for Alberta’s Vital Underground Infrastructure

    Damage Prevention for Alberta’s Vital Underground Infrastructure

    Some of the biggest threats to pipeline safety are unauthorized construction, development, encroachment and digging activities near pipelines. Damage prevention is a responsibility shared among the stakeholders. The exchange of accurate and timely information during the process, together with a genuine interest by all stakeholders for a successful outcome is critical.

    Alberta has a very extensive and complex underground infrastructure of pipes and cables valued in the billions of dollars that has been built over the last century. The total length of the buried infrastructure network in Alberta is not known, although speculation would put it in excess of 4,000,000 km. This underground network increases in complexity and extent every year as more and different types of facilities are installed every day.


    These buried systems supply goods and services that are essential to the functioning of today’s society. Every time a member of the digging community disturbs the ground, there is a risk of damage to buried facilities.


    When buried facilities are damaged, Albertans, as individuals, as taxpayers, as customers of the operators of the facilities or as purchasers of construction services, directly or indirectly pay for the damages.


    If you’re planning to construct a facility across, on, along or under a pipeline, or engage in an activity that causes a ground disturbance, reach out to us at AiM – we can help to ensure you will be meeting all regulatory constraints through public awareness, surveillance and monitoring, and pipeline system mapping.



    We are committed to raising awareness around safe digging practices to reduce the frequency of preventable damage while providing important safety information to our communities living and working near your pipelines. Damage prevention is a shared responsibility, so always remember to dig with CARE:


    C — Call or Click Before You Dig
    A — Allow required time for marking
    R — Respect and protect the marks
    E — Excavate carefully


    To learn more reach out to our team lead Bryce Dureault to help you with your Damage Prevention Plan.

    “Having field and office level knowledge and experience working on NEB, AER, SK MOE and US FERC regulated projects, I bring a wealth of experience and contribution as a key member to performing and maintaining damage prevention programs with clients.
    Bryce Dureault  –  Team Lead – Damage Prevention

    Bryce Dureault


    Team Lead Damage Prevention

    E:  C: 403-648-5405

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