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    Who Should Own the Pipeline?

    Who Should Own the Pipeline?

    Recently there has been no shortage issues that spark debate over the Trans Mountain Pipeline.  The most recent development being the proposal tabled at the Indigenous Energy Summit (IES) in Calgary that explores the potential for member communities make an equity investment in the project.  

    The Indian Resource Council, which has about 130 members held their general annual meeting recently where IRC member Bernard Shepherd, a councillor for Saskatchewan’s Whitebear First Nation, says Trans Mountain could be a good long-term investment and financing would not necessarily be an insurmountable obstacle.

    Some of the other activities going on around the pipeline offer short-term jobs but I think actually investing in it, owning it, I think that’s where there’s a long-term revenue stream.” said IRC member Bernard Shepherd

    This proposal represents a new way thinking as to how Indigenous communities could benefit from energy development.  

    Regardless of the specific outcome it is encouraging to see that this issue, that is critical to the Canadian Oil & Gas sector, is being considered at this high profile event. 

    The Indigenous Relations Department at AiM works tirelessly with communities across Western Canada to strengthen our relationships and continue to find a balance for responsible energy development.


    Lane Boisjoli


    Vice President
    AiM LAND

    AiM Land Services