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    Welcome to April and the Spring Digging Season

    April is the Dig Safe month – which coincides with the start of the digging seasons across Canada.

    Every year, the estimated societal cost of damaging underground utilities in Canada exceeds 1 billion dollars. Every year, thousands of buried facilities are accidentally damaged by digging activities. Services are interrupted in nearly every case and sometimes incidents lead to significant environmental contamination, serious injury and sometimes even death. In addition to the threat to health, worker and public safety, these incidents are a social and economic burden.

    There are approximately 11 line hits per work day in Alberta. Damages result in societal costs, which include deployment of emergency services, evacuations, and environmental mitigation. These damages cost Albertans over $350 Million per year.



    They strain emergency response resources and can cause disruptive evacuations, property damage, road and construction project delays and traffic congestion. Utility damages can result in costly repair, mitigation and remediation and increased insurance expenses. These incidents represent an unnecessary risk to the public, a waste of economic resources and a strain on the taxpayer.



    Accidents are avoidable if commercial and private digging projects adopt safe digging practices. Over 50% of damages are a result of not submitting a locate request to Alberta One-Call prior to excavation. The damage prevention department at AiM specializes in assisting in the reduction of underground utility damages throughout Western Canada.


    To learn more reach out to our team lead Bryce Dureault to help you with your Damage Prevention Plan.

    “Having field and office level knowledge and experience working on NEB, AER, SK MOE and US FERC regulated projects, I bring a wealth of experience and contribution as a key member to performing and maintaining damage prevention programs with clients.
    Bryce Dureault  –  Team Lead – Damage Prevention

    Bryce Dureault


    Team Lead Damage Prevention

    E:  C: 403-648-5405

    AiM Land Services