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    Revolutionary New Solar Panels Transform Walls and Windows into Energy

    Revolutionary New Solar Panels, Made From Plant Waste, Transform Walls and Windows into Energy!

    And no direct sunlight is required for these solar panels to produce electricity. The technology claims to increase solar energy harvesting density tenfold. Unlike solar panels, the system is effective even when not directly facing the sun because it can pick up UV through clouds as well as the UV that bounces off walls, pavements and other buildings. Making it highly applicable for skyscrapers in urban settings.

    Carvey Ehren Maigue, the inventor of the AuREUS technology, discovered he could harness electricity from ultraviolet rays using recycled crop waste. He was first inspired by the science behind the northern lights, the phenomenon that causes aurorae – including the Aurora Polaris (polar), Borealis (Northern) and Australis (Southern) lights. Aurorae are a natural light show that results when high-energy (gamma or UV) particles are absorbed by luminescent particles, then re-emitted as low-energy particles – visible light – thanks to internal reflectance.

    To replicate the phenomenon, Maigue took the high-energy luminescent particles similar to those that cause aurorae, from candidate fruits and vegetables, suspended these in resin substrate and then lined the resin with solar film. The film then converted the rays into visible light which was used to generate energy. When the material is installed vertically against existing windows, the PV cells along the edge pick up the visible light energy. The captured visible light is then converted to DC electricity. Regulating circuits process the voltage output to allow battery charging, storage, or direct utilization of electricity. The video provides a simple explanation of the winning AuREUS system.

    Maigue’s winning renewable-energy-generating technology was chosen from 1,800 submissions, from 27 nations across the globe. The James Dyson award brief, by British inventor, industrial designer and entrepreneur, Sir James Dyson’s was to “design something that solves a problem”. Maigue created two devices, Astralis Solar Wall and Borealis Solar Window.

    AuREUS Technology Potential:
    Currently, commercial windows reflect UV light away from a building. As a result, people outside experience UV induced exposure. In contrast, windows made with the AuREUS technology absorb this light, which protects people inside and outside as well as generate electricity. Maigue believes when AuREUS is scaled up, entire buildings could completely run off their own electricity. Such as the beautiful AuREUS example, the Montreal Convention Centre.

    Clearly, with such innovations, the future looks bright for solar energy.

    The Aim Renewables Department has significant experience with Renewable projects throughout Canada.  Our clients are focusing on the future, and the development of renewable energy programs. The Aim Renewables department is a a multi-faceted team that does all project work internally; we do not outsource any part of our work – which makes our work timely, reliable, cost efficient, and a full service renewables solution.

    We offer our specialized services to not only meet, but go above and beyond your expectations.  To learn more reach out to Marci Hewitt, Renewables & Surface Team Lead | Email: | Direct: 403-452-3713

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    Renewables & Surface Team Lead
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