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    TOP 10 Must Dos for Best Land Reclamation and Remediation

    TOP 10 Must Dos for Best Land Reclamation + Remediation

    Land Reclamation and Remediation is a hot subject in Alberta’s energy industry. Land conservation, reclamation and remediation, and contaminant management are an absolute must for all energy projects in Canada. Here is the top 10 must dos for best Land Reclamation + Remediation: ⠀

    1) Phase 1&2 Environmental Site Assessments
    2) Site Remediation Management
    3) Groundwater Monitoring
    4) Government Consultation
    5) Site Specific Liability Assessments
    6) EPEA Applications
    7) Well Testing
    8) Technical Procurement
    9) Soil Monitoring
    10) Environmental Inspection

    AiM’s environmental expert team works closely with clients and regulators during all stages of an energy project. We provide expertise when dealing with municipal, provincial and federal requirements, taking a site through contamination identification, remediation and then complete restoration. With special consideration for risks associated with each step. We work with our clients to ensure land impacted by exploration and production is returned to its original productive state.

    Reach out to AiM’s environmental team to assist with your next project.

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