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    Doin’ Business Stampede Style Top 5 Do’s & Don’ts

    Doin’ Business Stampede Style –

    YAHOO! Another Stampede has officially kicked off.

    Memories and connections are made during Stampede year after year. To make the most of this year’s Stampede – we’ve compiled a list of the Top 5 Do’s and Don’ts for Doin’ Business Stampede Style.

    Top 5 Do’s

    1. Dress the part. Calgarians love when friends, family and business colleagues make the effort to celebrate our most iconic festival by dressing the part. Everyone from top government officials and business leaders to our colleagues dress to impress during stampede. So dust off those plaid shirts, blue jeans, and boots – you’ll fit right in. If your western gear is scarce, a good ol’ bandana, white shirt and blue jeans will do the trick.


    2. Get ready to mingle. Stampede is all about connecting. Calgarians are known for their charm, great warmth and Stampede partying hospitality. There are loads of people-meeting, events, and stampeding to be done during the week. We suggest resting when you can, but remember you can sleep in August.


    3. Catch a Rodeo, Chuckwagon Race or Grandstand Show. There’s nothing better than sitting in the stands or in-field with a client watching the Stampede Cowboy Champions do their thang. It’s thrilling to watch and it’s what makes our Stampede unique to the world.


    4. Schmoozing and Boozing – it wouldn’t be Stampede without a good ol’ drink in hand whilst circulating. Do partake but remember the day is long when you’re dressed in your best western gear celebrating the “Greatest Show on Earth”. Pacing oneself is the name of the game during this 10 day celebration.


    5. Clean up and follow up. Once your western wear has been packed away for another year, we suggest to make the most from doin’ business Stampede Style is to send a note post-Stampede. You will likely make great connections during the 10 day party, so follow up with an email to keep the conversations going.


    Top 5 Don’ts

    1. First and foremost … don’t buy cowboy boots the day before you go stampeding. Cowboy Hat – yes, Cowboy Boots – NO!


    2. Don’t Post after partaking. Remember what goes on social media stays on social media so think before you post and don’t drink and tweet – ever!


    3. Mingle, do your thang, but remember you’re always representin’. We as Calgarians proudly say our Stampede is the “Greatest Show on Earth” but you don’t personally have to be the “Greatest Show on Earth”.


    4. Don’t not dress the part. We as Calgarians love when people embrace our cherished Stampede Style – so don’t be a party-pooper – dress to impress!


    5. Don’t forget your Small Town Manners. As Calgarians we’re proud of our western hospitality. Sometimes we can forget our manners when we’re in the middle of busy crowd, surrounded by people that have been having too good of a time. Our suggestion, smile, relax, share a joke or two, because you just never know who is beside you, behind you or watching you.



    To Calgarians Stampede is like Christmas in July. One can’t help but get caught up in the western charm, fun and festivities. To make the most of doing business Stampede style, we suggest attending all that you can – breakfasts, parties and stampede events and make lasting connections. Then wind it down, until next year, when hopefully you get to do it all over again.

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