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    Environmental Services



    At AiM Environment, we understand that having a detailed knowledge and understanding of the physical and environmental setting of a project is a critical component of development. Our goal is to focus on mitigating environmental risk while ensuring economic feasibility.


    We understand your project is unique and our AiM Environment team has proven scientific and engineering expertise to work collaboratively to develop a cost effective strategy to satisfy each project’s specific objective.


    Planning and Permitting
    Reclamation and Remediation

    200, 340 Midpark Way SE Calgary, AB  T2X 1P1  |  Phone: 403-452-3713  |  Fax 403-452-3769

    Environmental Services


    Planning and Permitting

    The AiM Planning and Permitting team ensures the planning is done properly to reduce time and cost savings during all phases of projects.


    Reclamation and Remediation

    The Aim Reclamation and Remediation provides extensive knowledge around physical and environmental reclamation issues.

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