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    Aim Land Fun Fact Hydro Power

    Fun Fact – Hydro Power House

    Aim Land Fun Fact Hydro Power

    Did You Know …

    Canada is the fourth largest producer of hydropower in the world.

    We are not only a major producer of oil and gas, but our hydropower energy is just as strong. Canada really is an energy power house.

    1. China – Total Installed Capacity: 356.4 GW
    2. Brazil – Total Installed Capacity: 109.1 GW
    3. US – Total Installed Capacity: 102.8 GW
    4. Canada – Total Installed Capacity: 81.4 GW
    5. India – Total Installed Capacity: 50.1 GW

    Another fun fact about hydro power, it is the largest renewable energy source in the world.

    AiM Land Hydro Magog River QC

    Magog River, Sherbrooke, QC

    So, how does Canada rank so high?

    Well, we are not just talking about Quebec’s massive hydroelectric plants, but there are so many other plants across the entire country in every province and territory, except PEI and Nunavut.  As you can see though, Quebec is the major supplier and makes up nearly 50% of the installed capacity.

    1. Quebec – 38,400 MW
    2. British Columbia – 14,210 MW
    3. Newfoundland and Labrador – 7,775 MW
    4. Ontario – 7,480 MW
    5. Manitoba – 5,700 MW
    6. New Brunswick – 950 MW
    7. Alberta – 943 MW
    8. Saskatchewan – 868 MW
    9. Nova Scotia – 365 MW
    10. Yukon – 95 MW
    11. NWT – 56 MW
    12. PEI and Nunavut – 0

    Hydroelectric generation stations and associated electricity transmission lines.

    Hydroelectricity has been the main source of power generation in Canada for more than a century. British Columbia (B.C.), Manitoba, Quebec, Ontario, and Newfoundland and Labrador use hydro to meet most of their electricity demand.  Provinces and territories, such as British Columbia, Manitoba, Newfoundland and Labrador, Quebec and Yukon produce over 90% of their electricity from Hydro.

    Other Fun Facts about Hydro:

    • It is Canada’s #1 electricity source producing 385 TWh/year — to be clear a TWh (tera-watt hour) is 1 trillion Wh (watt hour), so we produce 385 trillion watt hours of electricity.
    • It contributes 60+% of Canada’s total electricity generation.
    • Canada’s waterpower-dominant electricity grid is the cleanest of all G20 nations
    • 155,000 MW of technical undeveloped waterpower potential in Canada
    • 82,307 Megawatts of Installed Capacity
    • 550+ facilities with over 48,000+ jobs
    Aim Land Hydro Hayward Lake BC

    Hayward Lake in Stave River, Mission, BC

    Hydropower generation is expected to remain as the world’s largest renewable energy source and will play a critical role in cleaner power system.  The global hydropower generation industry has maintained its strong and steady growth over the recent decades.  The top hydropower producing countries, like Canada, are still retaining their dominance in the global market.  This is despite the growing trend of producing and adopting other renewable energy around the world, such as solar power and wind power.  Many of the world’s major economies and many industries are still relying on the use of hydropower as their primary renewable energy source.  Canada is poised to remain a dominant energy producing country.

    The Aim Renewables Department has significant experience with Renewable projects throughout Canada.  Our clients are focusing on the future, and the development of renewable energy programs. The Aim Renewables department is a a multi-faceted team that does all project work internally; we do not outsource any part of our work – which makes our work timely, reliable, cost efficient, and a full service renewables solution.

    We offer our specialized services to not only meet, but go above and beyond your expectations.  To learn more reach out to Marci Hewitt, Renewables & Surface Team Lead | Email: | Direct: 403-452-3713

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