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    Clean Canadian LNG

    Support for Coastal GasLink (CGL) Pipeline Grows Across Canada

    Clean Canadian LNG

    With natural gas demand projected to grow substantially through to 2040, Canada expects to be a global player in the LNG market and Canadians are looking at the Coastal Gaslink (CGL) pipeline to help us become one of the biggest suppliers in the world.

    Asian Markets Demand Responsibly Produced Clean Canadian LNG

    The Asian demand derives from their need to phase out coal fired energy and are replacing it with LNG to satisfy some of their energy needs. However not all LNG is produced at the standard of Canada.  Asian countries are facing societal pressure for clean energy – and Canadian LNG fits into that picture They have already begun to import LNG as they work to transition away from coal fired energy – but at this point do not have access to our clean Canadian LNG.

    Until our valuable CLG pipeline is completed – slated for the spring of 2023 – Canadian’s can only rely on one customer to purchase our much in demand product and it happens to be the US – who has tapped into its own shale gas reserves over the past decade and no longer needs as much supply from us. Which isn’t great for our producers or for our economy.

    First Nations Support the CGL Pipeline

    In the past, many groups such as the UN have attempted to speak on behalf of the First Nations communities along the route of Coastal Gaslink, mudding the conversations. However, all 20 First Nations have had their elected band councils sign benefit agreements with CGL.

    These First Nations could not be any clearer in their support for the project which will bring immense economic benefits to their communities. it is also huge economic boon for both B.C. and Canada and has the support of all elected First Nations councils along its route as listed below. A win-win for all.

    • Stellat’en First Nation
    • Saik’uz First Nation
    • McLeod Lake Indian Band
    • Saulteau First Nations
    • Kitselas First Nation
    • West Moberly First Nations
    • Lheidli T’enneh First Nation
    • Nadleh Whut’en Indian Band
    • Burns Lake Indian Band (Ts’il Kaz Koh First Nation)
    • Blueberry River First Nations
    • Halfway River First Nation
    • Doig River First Nation
    • Wet’suwet’en First Nation
    • Yekooche First Nation
    • Nee Tahi Buhn Indian Band
    • Skin Tyee First Nation
    • Witset First Nation
    • Nak’azdli Whut’en
    • Haisla Nation

    In addition CGL has facilitated more than 26,000 engagements with Indigenous groups to listen to their concerns and insights into the land. CGL has also implemented a construction monitoring program that invites Indigenous communities to observe and report back to their communities on construction activities in their territory to allow for transparency and accountability.

    Canadians Grateful for LNG and the CGL Pipeline to Help Economy Bounce Back

    Global demand for natural gas is projected to increase for decades to come as the world makes the transition towards cleaner sources of energy.  As one of the most environmentally responsible natural gas producers with some of the lowest GHG-intensive LNG facilities on the planet, the CGL pipeline will help make our valuable Canadian product available to markets around the world.

    We have an immense opportunity through LNG exports to create billions in economic activity and government revenues plus tens of thousands of long-term jobs here at home while reducing GHG emissions on a global scale. Heading into a new COVID managed economy, most Canadians are grateful to have this abundant resource to rely on, to help stabilize our economy for years to come.


    The True Nature of AiM Land –

    We are a full service land consulting firm with innovative and expert knowledge of the land. We offer expertise for a broad spectrum of major energy projects across Canada and the United States. We are a full-service broker that does all portions of a project internally; we do not outsource any part of the work. We utilize leading edge technology to reduce costs, improve communications, and ultimately deliver the project more efficiently and done for the best price. Our strong and dynamic team brings extensive knowledge from the field and varying experiences to each project.

    Reach out to connect with us to learn how we can help with your project. 

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