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    It’s not just about being accountable for our carbon emissions, it’s about transformational change as an organization. The path to Net Zero looks different for every company but for us it means devising a robust strategy to reach our reduction targets and our goal of achieving Net Zero status.

    Why AiM Went Net Zero

    Aligning to Global Energy Transitions

    As a leading service provider to the energy industry in Canada we wanted to transform our business into being a climate leader.  We believe collaboration between small to medium enterprises (SMEs) like AiM and big business can work together to jointly address climate challenge, which will help bring low-carbon practices to supply chains and then societies in general.

    AiM recognizes the importance of climate change and wants to contribute to the energy transition, we believe we can do this by aligning our corporate values and practices with those of our current and future clients.

    We want to align ourselves with the global energy transition, a transition that we see taking place in all facets of the industry – oil and gas clients, renewable energy players, government and investment.

    Net Zero commitments among our peers in the industry is non-existent or limited at best, AiM wants to change this trend and become a climate leader within our space.


    How AiM Achieved Net Zero

    Aligning to Global Energy Transitions

    As a leading energy service provider, we have worked with an independent carbon accounting firm to help us set our strategic direction, quantify our emissions and set achievable targets. We are ready to forge ahead with our net zero business plan.


    We first had to understand our current emissions. We had a report prepared to help us understand our corporate emissions. We had to calculate and map our baseline to understand where our carbon footprint is right now and what we needed to do to move the needle.


    We then worked to identify our best opportunities to reduce emissions, which allowed us to begin building our emissions reduction strategy.


    Our entire company is on board to look for carbon reductions and efficiencies. We are developing a plan for systematic change to help us reach our reduction targets. We are working towards developing low carbon service models that are climate neutral.

    Putting Our Plan Into Practice

    Working With Indigenous Protectors of the Land
    We work extensively with Indigenous Communities across Canada. Indigenous communities are proud protector of the land and environment and have the expectation that when projects are proposed they are developed in the most environmentally responsible manner. We are aligned in our common goals to reduce emissions for the health and well-being of the land we share.

    Looking Forward

    Reducing the Carbon Footprint

    We know we are not a large, emission intensive corporation, but we want to send a message emphasizing our commitment towards being a leading Canadian Net Zero energy service provider.

    We believe fossil fuel and renewable energy projects can work hand-in-hand and are excited to be working with clients assisting them in maintaining Canada’s reputation as a responsible energy producing country.

    AiM Net Zero is just the beginning of our Environment Social & Governance story… we look forward to having you follow along.

    Brandon Lamb Small
    Brandon Lamb
    Leader of Net Zero Initiative | AiM Land
    D: 403-714-9680
    AiM Land Services