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GIS and Analytics


The AiM GIS and Analytics Department provides the necessary support to internal departments so they can provide our clients with visual/spatial information and analytics to help them make the most informed decision. We deliver this through pdf/paper maps or through interactive/web mapping.  We also provide our clients with data management and automation in order to maximize the results while minimizing the costs.

Full Service Offering

GIS & Analytics

AiM GIS and Analytics offers a fully integrated in-house GIS team.  With our team we are better able to respond to clients needs when it comes to GIS and mapping.  Our technical expertise ensures we have the ability to adapt to processes, automate task as they develop, and are able to change as industry needs continue to evolve. 
AiM has developed two proprietary software systems that streamline client data and increase overall visibility of assets.


AiM DOCS is a specialized tool that eliminates the need for hard copy construction packages while maintaining the ability to work offline.


AiM MAPS is a client data portal that serves up GEO SPATIAL DATA in an innovative way. This tool provides both visual and documentation clarity that is tailored to a client’s reporting and compliance on project status and progress. 

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Field Support

Data/Asset Management

Data Management

Asset Management

Interactive Web Mapping

Environmental Metrics

Siting & Routing Metrics

Spatial Analysis

Statistical Analysis

Database - Design

Implementation and Maintenance

Alignment Sheets




Hillshade Data Processing

Field Data Implementation & Collection

Aerial & Satellite Imagery Processing

Data Project 2D/3D Visualizations

Emergency Spill Support

Road Use Plans

Property Sketch's

Heat Mapping


Indigenous Engagement



GIS & Mapping

Team Lead


Jordan Blouin

"I am knowledgeable and bring value to projects.  I’m the type of person that wants to see the big picture, to see how everything fits together instead of just thinking task by task."


Direct: 403-648-5437


Aim is in the early stages of growth and being part of this is very rewarding. My role allows me to participate in building systems from the ground up and seeing it through to achieve positive results. Aim is a dynamic organization which attracts a diverse skill sets that helps Aim gain strong footing in the marketplace. This is accomplished while maintaining the spirit of a family inspired working environment.”

Lori Siebrasse Controller

The people, the atmosphere and the freedom to pursue my ideas and keep pushing forward a new and exciting techniques.

Jordan Blouin GIS and Information Technology

Great people create a great working environment. We are able to make the seemingly impossible possible.

Lane Boisjoli Vice President

Aim has a great culture. The people and the atmosphere make Aim a great place to work. Everyone at Aim brings an individual strength to the team while allowing for opportunities of growth.

Lindsay Beston Indigenous Engagement

I like working at Aim because I have been able to grow and learn so much. There is no limit as to what you can learn here. AiM has a great work culture and exceptional staff.

Mary Khayvongsone Asset Management - Data Specialist

I feel valued, like each person individually brings something different to the team. I am driven to keep learning, and continually feel encouraged to keep growing as a manager.

Gabrielle Leaky Surface Land | Mineral Land

I like the fast paced easy going environment. Working here everyone is surrounded by a wealth of knowledge and it is easy to always be learning and further your career.

Morgan Donaldson Surface Land - Midstream / Operations

The strategic vision of the company, bright future. A Family atmosphere.

Brad Cockerill Surface Land -Utilities

I like working at AiM because the people I work with are all very knowledgeable, fun to be around and like to get things completed from start to finish. The work we receive is always a challenge and every day is different.

Marci Hewitt Surface Land - Renewables

I like the young, vibrant team and managements relaxed approach to working together.

Guy Anderson Business Development
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