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    Did You Know April is Safe Digging Awareness Month?

    Did you know that there are several pipelines, wires, and cables buried beneath and around your home?

    With the weather warming up, most of us are eager to get out into our gardens. Sadly we know that in Alberta we can’t really do anything until the end of May. However, now is the perfect time to start planning your outdoor projects, and with that learning where you can safely dig.

    Each year Albertans pay more than $350 million to repair damages caused when either homeowners and contractors dig without knowing where the utility lines are buried.  Worse if contact is made with an underground utility, severe injury and death can occur.

    Top 5 Reasons People Don’t Call Before They Dig: 

    1. They think small projects don’t require a call
    2. They don’t realize the possible consequences of not calling ($$$, injury or death)
    3. They think the service is only for for professional contractors
    4. They think booking an appointment will delay their project (it only takes 3 days)
    5. They don’t know about the Alberta wide service.

    Most people are unaware that buried utility lines in Alberta are only 24 inches under driveways and parking areas and 15 inches under non traffic areas. The gas line will be burned with a constant compression wire from Riser to Riser. There are 36 inches under driveways and parking areas and 24 inches under non traffic areas.

    You need to know where you’re utilities lines are buried if you’re planning to: 

    1. Put in a garden pond
    2. Planting a tree
    3. Digging up the yard for a sewer trench
    4. Digging fence post holes
    5. Digging foundations for a deck, shed, or garage
    6. Trenching a base for an intended retaining wall
    7. Trenching your yard to add conduit for an exterior outlet or light
    8. Adding a patio
    9. Building a carport

    April is the traditional start-up of the annual digging season, you only need 3 working days in advance for the Utility Safety Partners (formerly Alberta One-Call) to come to your residence or project area.  To safely know where all the utilities lines are in your yard contact Utility Safety Partners at 1-800-242-3447 or go to 


    The AiM Operations department provides strategy, knowledge and land support on emergency response situations and dig-site programs. Our team works closely with Project Managers, Land Reps and Land Analysts and strive to not only meet, but go above and beyond our client’s expectations.

    The AiM Operations Department steps into a project upon completion of construction of a pipeline, or if a pipeline a requires maintenance and operation services. To learn more contact Bryce to discuss your dig-site program.

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