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    Canada – A Global Leader in Renewable Energy

    Canada – A Global Leader in Renewable Energy

    Across the world, major companies and countries are turning to renewable sources of energy. It is suggested that the countries with biggest renewable reserves will become the superpowers of tomorrow.

    We are witnessing a transformation of global power markets led by renewables.” Fatih Birol, Executive Director of the International Energy Agency


    The world’s energy mix is changing, major companies and countries are turning to renewable sources such as hydropower, wind, solar and geothermal to green their operations and become more sustainable. The global renewable energy transition has taken hold. Hundreds of billions of dollars now flow into new renewable energy projects every year. This momentum now appears irreversible, as a confluence of economic, environmental, social and political forces drive the transformation of our energy demands.


    Of all the fossil fuel producing countries, it is China, Russia and Canada that are expected to most easily transition to green energy resources. Canada is ahead of the curve, with a grid already drawing on significant amounts of renewable power thanks to a legacy of hydropower and recent growth from other sources, most notably wind and solar.  Canada holds vast amounts of renewable and non-renewable energy, with its large landmass and diversified geography. The challenge is determining Canada’s ability to capitalize on the immense economic opportunity this transformation is creating in countries around the world.


    Hydroelectricity is by far the most important form of renewable energy produced in Canada. Globally Canada is the 3rd largest producer of hydroelectricity after China and Brazil. Canada generates 60% of its electricity with hydropower, with this renewable source of energy expected to increase up to 295% by 2050.


    According to the federal government, Canada produced 10% of the total hydroelectricity generated in the world in 2016, placing us 2nd behind only China.


    Increasingly, renewable energy has become an important trading asset for Canada. In recent years, the United States has mandated minimum levels of renewable power required in each state’s electricity mix. These states often do not have the resources to meet their minimum requirements and are turning to Canada to meet its supply demands.


    Thus, exports of Canadian renewable power are well positioned to grow.  As such there are efforts to further integrate the two grids through various transmission projects, which seek to advance cross-border electric system reliability, thereby reducing costs, and lowering emissions.


    Additionally, significant opportunities for Canadian companies exist as 80% of US power generation facilities will have to be replaced or upgraded during the next 10-15 years. Total investment in the power generation sector is forecasted to reach US$290 billion by 2030, more than US$195 billion of which would be allocated to power generation stations, with the remainder dedicated to the transmission and distribution segments.


    Canada is well positioned to become a leader in satisfying the world’s demand for renewable and non-renewable energies. We have a solid track record on innovation, environmental performance, human rights and transparency. Global circumstances are such that Canada, if managed properly could benefit extraordinarily from its renewable and non-renewable energy sector.



    There is no shortage of opportunities for leading Canadian Renewable service providers like AiM Land – who are continually adding to their portfolio of Renewable offers such as:


    -Lease Option Agreements

    -Municipal Permitting

    -Geotech Permits

    -Regulatory Line Lists

    -Relationship Building

    -Feasibility Study Information Gathering

    Reach out to Team Lead, Marci Hewitt to learn how Marci and her expert Renewable Team can help with your project.

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