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    Indigenous Alberta Companies Repurposing Existing Historic Gas Well Sites

    Ingenius Alberta Companies Repurposing Existing Historic Gas Well Sites

    Ingenius Alberta Companies Repurposing Existing Historic Gas Well Sites

    Alberta has almost 100000 inactive and orphaned oil and gas wells. To offset this issue, ingenious energy entrepreneurs and responsible oil and gas companies have begun to repurpose inactive oil and gas wells. One such example is Helium exploration.

    Helium exploration on the rise in Alberta. Companies have started by acquiring historic gas well sites near existing helium concentration locations.  As prices globally for helium energy are rising, Alberta is seeing great opportunity for growth in this industry. Canada is home to ⅕ of the worlds helium resources, and neighbours the US, the largest consumer of helium. As a previously untapped resource, the exploration of helium energy will diversify Canada’s energy sector, and position Alberta as a key player globally alongside the growing demand.

    “Developing untapped resources — such as helium — further diversifies our energy sector, with Alberta being well-positioned to help meet increasing global demand. The growing helium industry is also a strong opportunity to create jobs and leverage the existing skills of Alberta oil and gas workers.” Jennifer Henshaw, spokesperson for Alberta Energy Minister Sonya Savage

    Reuse and Reduce

    The approach to reuse and reduce allows Alberta companies to repurpose existing resources in future projects, reducing costs to companies and their impact on the environment.  Provincial and federal law are clear: Industry, not taxpayers, must fund the cleanup of old oil and gas infrastructure. Mining for Helium by energy entrepreneurs is just one of many ways technology is being used to propel our industry forward. Alberta’s wealth of resources and experience in the oil and gas industry continues to be an asset for our economic growth and stability.

    The True Nature of AiM Land –

    We are a full service land consulting firm with innovative and expert knowledge of the land. We offer expertise for a broad spectrum of major energy projects across Canada and the United States. We are a full-service broker that does all portions of a project internally; we do not outsource any part of the work. We utilize leading edge technology to reduce costs, improve communications, and ultimately deliver the project more efficiently and done for the best price. Our strong and dynamic team brings extensive knowledge from the field and varying experiences to each project.

    Reach out to connect with us to learn how we can help with your project. 

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