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    The ROI Benefits of Going Paperless with AiM Docs

    AiM Land - AiM Docs

    The ROI Benefits of Going Paperless

    In this uncertain economy, companies are looking for ways to make their organization run more efficiently, become more competitive and save money. One major cost area companies are scrutinizing is their paper-based business systems.


    We all know that information is the heartbeat of the Oil and Gas industry. Organizations need to manage and distribute information related to all of their department’s business processes. The idea of change to that process seems daunting to many organizations. Many companies keep old paper-based systems for two reasons:


    1. They don’t know how much they’re really spending on a paper system
    2. They fear negative ROI from implementing a new solution 


    However, when companies go through the exploratory process, they begin to discover the excessive costs related to paper, and their inefficient processes. They start to consider adopting a paperless process management strategy that will achieve long-term cost savings and better efficiency.


    Going paperless does not mean it has to be an all or nothing process. Changing a company from a paper process to a digital process can seem like it’s going to be an overwhelming expense. But a new paperless system can be added in stages, with a series of projects that do not require converting all paper documents and business processes at the same time. New processes can be added over time, and slowly converted into an organization.


    Companies’ tight budgets and demanding economic environments are causing companies to pay attention to technology costs and focus on ROI.  Traditional paper-based methods for creating and delivering documents are fraught with huge costs, chronic inefficiency and errors, and offer little flexibility.  Paper-intensive companies need to find alternatives to these methods, reduce paper use, and all related paper costs that decrease their profits.


    Companies have discovered Hard Dollar Savings for their organizations with:

      • Lower Business Operating Costs
      • Better Utilization of Personnel
      • Increased Cash Flow

    Soft Dollar Savings:

      • Better Customer Service
      • “Green” Improvements
      • Disaster Recovery


    Cost reduction from eliminating paper and storage for documents results in a cut-back in operating expenses are some of the benefits businesses achieve immediately.  If you’re considering a paperless solution, it’s crucial to work with a company that understands the business goals and technology needs of your organization such as AiM.


    We offer a paperless solution called AiM DOCS. This specialized tool is designed to create efficiencies while eliminating the need for hard copy construction packages for companies that service the Oil and Gas sector.  Book at DEMO with Lane Boisjoli to learn more.

    “We are excited to share our  proprietary software tools that are designed to digitize the Oil and Gas sector. These leading-edge tools provide our clients with immense savings and time.
    Lane Boisjoli – Vice President of AiM Land

    Lane Boisjoli


    Vice President of AiM Land
    AiM LAND

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