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    AiM Begins Operations in Atlantic Canada’s Energy Industry


    Atlantic Canada has a thriving energy industry and it is because of this significant growth potential that we made the decision earlier this year to begin operations in Halifax.

    Atlantic Canada produces more than 233,000 barrels of oil per day, representing 5% of Canada’s total crude oil production. Newfoundland and Labrador is the 3rd largest petroleum producer in Canada, making up almost 5% of Canada’s petroleum. There has been significant exploration activity in recent years and the government of Newfoundland and Labrador estimates Newfoundland and Labrador’s offshore resource potential at more than 6 Billion barrels of oil and 60 Trillion cubic feet of natural gas.

    Quick Facts of Newfoundland + Labrador’s Offshore Industry

    • $5.4 billion – in industry spending on exploration and development in 2016
    • $920 million – estimated payments to the province from offshore oil production in 2017/18
    • 16% – share of total provincial revenues from oil royalties in 2018/19
    • 221,000 – barrels per day of oil produced in 2017
    • 5,000 people – directly employed (thousands more indirectly)
    • 600 supply and service companies – support the industry
    • $45 billion – cumulative expenditures in NL between 1995-2017
    • $21 billion – cumulative royalties paid to the Government of NL from 1998-2017
    • $506 million – spent on R&D and education and training in NL

    Offshore exploration programs are active and there are 6 offshore projects in production including two natural gas projects in Nova Scotia and four oil projects in Newfoundland and Labrador.

    Nova Scotia

    Along with the offshore activity in Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia’s resource potential is also significant. The Government of Nova Scotia estimates there is a potential 120 Trillion cubic feet of natural gas and 8 Billion barrels of oil offshore.  Combined with proximity to market and existing infrastructure, the potential in Nova Scotia has been attracting investors for a number of years.There are four companies actively pursuing LNG export projects in Nova Scotia.

    1) Goldboro LNG

    • Pieridae Energy Canada
    • Export Capacity: 5 to 10 million tonnes per year
    • Capital Investment: $5 to $10 billion CAD$
    • Jobs: 3,500 Construction; 200 Ongoing
    • Timeframe: Construction 2016; Operation 2020
    • Markets: 50% capacity committed to E.ON in Germany

    2) Bear Head LNG

    • LNGL Ltd.
    • Export Capacity:  up to 8 million tonnes per year
    • Jobs: 600-700 Construction; 45-70 Ongoing
    • Timeframe: Construction 2016; Operation 2020

    3) AC LNG

    • H-Energy
    • Export Capacity:  up to 13.5 million tonnes per year in phase 3
    • Capital Investment – $4 billion CAD$
    • Jobs: up to 3,500-4,000 Construction; 100-200 ongoing
    • Timeframe: Construction 2017; Operation 2019
    • Markets: Latin America, Europe, India

    4) LNG Nova Scotia Inc.

    • Export Capacity: 250,000 tonnes per year
    • Capital Investment: $150 million CAD$
    • Jobs: 30-50 ongoing
    • Markets: Diesel replacement in Caribbean markets

    By leveraging abundant renewable energy, all of Canada stands to produce some of the cleanest liquefied natural gas (LNG) in the world. Our vast LNG resources could provide a competitive advantage that grows over time, as increasingly stringent emissions policies come into play in the years ahead.


    Atlantic Canada has a growing energy industry and it’s because of these opportunities we’re excited to announce we have begun operations in Halifax.  For many years we have contributed significantly to the major energy projects in Western Canada and now we are looking forward to offering our expertise in land, indigenous engagement, environment and GIS services to our industry colleagues that are leading major projects in Atlantic Canada.


    Clients who choose AiM Land require a company with the knowledge and expertise to complete all necessary steps to get the project done, and done for the best price. We are a full-service broker that does all portions of a project internally; we do not outsource any part of the work. We utilize leading edge technology to reduce costs, improve communications, and ultimately deliver the project more efficiently. Our strong and dynamic team brings a extensive knowledge from the field and varying experiences to each project.

    Reach out to connect with us to learn how we can help with your next project. 

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