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    Robb Bell

    Robb Bell

    Senior PM - Midstream

    How did you get started in this industry?

    “I’ve worked exclusively in the Upstream Oil and Gas sector of the Industry for the past 16 years. My first 6 years I was a dedicated field land agent and for the last 10+ years I have worked as a Project Manager and have serviced dozens of clients.”

    What are your key responsibilities at AiM?

    “I am responsible for liaising between clients, land agent and administration staff, and management team. “

    What quote inspires you? 

    Work hard in silence, let your success be your noise.”

    What are a few of your proudest achievements at AiM?

    In my short time here with AiM so far, my proudest achievement to-date has been the successful planning and management of the first public open house held for one of our start-up junior oil and gas clients.  Even though the weather was not very cooperative, we still had a great turn out and the local community members expressed how thrilled they were to see a company so willing to engage with the public and share their overall development plans.  Our client also felt it was a huge success and have advised that they would like to begin planning a second one in the near future.

    What do you want your clients and colleagues say about you? 

    “I think they would say that I’m a good person, a hard worker, a professional, and that I’m someone they enjoy working with.”

    What do you value when building relationships?

    “I prefer an honest and personable approach. I like to meet face to face to allow my clients to get to know my personality. I like sharing what I enjoy about my work and what I enjoy outside of work. My good work ethic dictates that I always have my client’s backs and will keep their projects moving to meet or exceed their target dates.”

    How would you describe the environment at AiM?

    “I like the people and the leadership. It’s a fun group to be a part of with down-to-earth leadership. Everyone works as a team to keep this company successful.”

    What charities or organizations are you involved with? 

    1. The Calgary Drop-in Center
    2. The Mustard Seed.

    What do you like to do when you’re not working?

    “Backcountry Hiking and Camping”

    What 3 words best describe you?

    1. Genuine
    2. Likeable
    3. Caring

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