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    Mary Khayvongsone

    Mary Khayvongsone

    Land / Data Specialist / Asset Management

    How did you get started in this industry?

    “Prior to AiM, I began working in the industry in 2011 as a Field Office Manager at a Pipeline Construction Management Company. That experience introduced me in the work of land.  After wrapping up that project, I began my career with AiM in 2012.”

    What are your key responsibilities at AiM?

    “Data and Asset Management. Make decisions about how Data is managed, both for short-term operational purposes and or long-term strategic planning. Providing expertise advice and outstanding results to our clients”

    What quote inspires you? 

    Success only comes to those who dare to attempt.”

    What are a few of your proudest achievements at AiM?

    “Learning how to code reports within our database system. Being able to understand the land portion of our database needs with the technical portion and having the ability to put it all together to save clients time and money.”

    What do you want your clients and colleagues say about you? 

    1. Reliable
    2. Knowledgeable
    3. Approachable

    What do you value when building relationships?

    “I want to make sure our client’s needs and expectations are met. I like to be personable and make it known that I’m always available if our client’s have any questions or concerns.”

    How would you describe the environment at AiM?

    “I like working at AiM because I have been able to grow and learn so much. There is no limit to what you can learn here. AiM has a great work culture and exceptional staff.”

    What charities or organizations are you involved with? 

    1. Donations to Women in Need

    What do you like to do when you’re not working?

    “Spending time with my family, water activities and travelling.”

    What 3 words best describe you?

    1. Friendly
    2. Patient
    3. Personable

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