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    Lindsay Beston

    Lindsay Beston

    PM - Indigenous Engagement

    How did you get started in this industry?

    “I have been in the Oil and Gas industry as a Land Agent for 10+ years. I worked on a number of large scale projects including the Enbridge Alberta Clipper and Southern Lights Projects. I developed a comprehensive background working on projects in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba which has given me the knowledge and experience working under different governing bodies.”

    What are your key responsibilities at AiM?

    “As a project manager at AiM, my role is to plan and organize the resources and time necessary for successful completion of projects. I am the main contact and communication between our clients and our teams to initiate project deliverables. Part of this role includes defining the project scope, develop the project plan and schedule, cost analysis, and work with a great team to implement project successes. With a diverse and comprehensive background in multiple roles I have the capability to manage various aspects of projects. As manager of our indigenous department, one of my main roles is to look after all the indigenous consultation and engagement for our clients working with over 25 Indigenous and Metis communities.”

    What quote inspires you? 

    Don’t expect every day to be the best day in your life. But do expect the best from life, everyday.”

    What are a few of your proudest achievements at AiM?

    1. Successfully managed and grown our First Nations Department

    What do you want your clients and colleagues say about you? 

    1. Very Knowledgeable
    2. Helpful and friendly
    3. Quick to respond and provide answers and updates

    What do you value when building relationships?

    “I think communication is key to building relationships, and in turn building trust with your clients, that they trust you:  communication, honesty and respect.”

    How would you describe the environment at AiM?

    “AiM has a great culture. The people and the atmosphere make AiM a great place to work. Everyone at AiM brings an individual strength to the team while allowing for opportunities of growth.”

    What charities or organizations are you involved with? 

    1. Okotoks Pound Rescue
    2. The local homeless shelters

    What do you like to do when you’re not working?

    “Spending time with my family.”

    What 3 words best describe you?

    1. Easygoing
    2. Reliable
    3. Kind

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