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    Dan Legault

    Dan Legault

    Vice President - Land

    How did you get started in this industry?

    “I started my career 20+ years ago by receiving my Land Acquisition Diploma from Old College in 1995. Since that time, I have had varied experience working for land brokers, oil and gas companies, and have held several management roles throughout my career. In 2002, I was one of the founding partners of Traverse Land Group, where I was influential in structuring the land department, and established key strategic and operational goals for the company. I have also managed surface land teams at both Galleon Energy and Athabasca Oil Corporation. I was responsible for hiring and mentoring surface land agents, coordinators, and land administrators to ensure alignment of land acquisition with company business strategies. I have managed public, First Nations/Métis, community/stakeholder relations, and consultation programs for various oil and gas projects in Western Canada. I have been involved with resolving several objections and statements of concern from a variety of stakeholders at several regulatory hearings. I have a history of establishing positive relationships with landowners, residents, trappers, First Nations, and Métis Communities, as well as the Alberta Energy Regulator, Alberta Environment and Parks, Aboriginal Consultation Office, B.C. Oil and Gas Commission, and other government agencies.”

    What are your key responsibilities at AiM?

    “In my new role as Vice President of Land, I will oversee all of land services.  I will give strategic guidance on work execution, and in the development and execution of policies to meet increasing regulatory requirements.  I will continue to provide leadership of our growing land team.  I will work to develop new and innovative growth strategies.  I will also continue to be the PM on a number of clients.”

    What quote inspires you? 

    “‘Always be yourself, express yourself, have faith in yourself  –  Bruce Lee.”

    What are a few of your proudest achievements at AiM?

    1. Manage a highly motivated and enthusiastic staff who work to ensure projects are handled in a professional manner, without delays to our client’s timelines.
    2. Project Manager for an NEB regulated pipeline in a complex area. The pipeline was constructed and put into operation ahead of schedule.
    3. Project Manager for an AER E600 facility notification in a densely populated area. Due to the experience and knowledge of the AiM team and well-organized information provided by our client, the notification had minimal opposition and was approved by the AER without regulatory intervention.

    What do you want your clients and colleagues say about you? 

    “I have a solid understanding of all aspects of land acquisition and pertinent regulatory requirements. I communicate effectively and have an approachable demeanour.”

    What do you value when building relationships?

    “I value open and honest dialogue with colleagues and our clients. I actively listen and appreciate all opinions and am willing to provide feedback in a respectful way if I have differing views.”

    How would you describe the environment at AiM?

    “I have worked at a number of different companies over my 23-year career, and AiM is one that stands out to me. I truly enjoy going to work every day. It’s clear that AiM’s staff all care about and support each other, while working towards a common goal of excellence for our clients. This positive environment has led to lasting friendships both in and outside of the workplace.”

    What charities or organizations are you involved with? 

    1. Calgary Drop-In Center
    2. The Children’s Hospital
    3. Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society (AARCS)

    What do you like to do when you’re not working?

    “When I am not at work my biggest priority is spending time with my wife, daughter, and our dog. As a family we love to camp and be at the lake as much as possible. I also enjoy golf in the summer months and hockey year-round.”

    What 3 words best describe you?

    1. Self-motivated
    2. Perceptive
    3. Friendly

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