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    Clubroot, How Will it Affect My Project? 

    Clubroot, How Will it Affect My Project?  

    Canola is big business in Canada, according to the Canola Council of Canada, Canadian-grown canola contributes $26.7 billion to the Canadian economy each year, including more than 250,000 Canadian jobs and $11.2 billion in wages.


    Clubroot is a serious soil-borne disease of cruciferous crops. In canola, it causes swellings or galls to form on the roots, which ultimately causes premature death of the plant.

    “Clubroot is highly publicized and not often very well understood. Developing a specific clubroot management plan is critical to the execution of a project while managing the liability associated with the disease”   

    Jeff Quennelle – AiM, Senior Environmental Planner


    Yield Loss Due to Clubroot

    Yield loss is dependent on many factors including time of infection, soil moisture and temperature, spore load, soil pH, soil texture, host genotype, pathogen pathotype, etc. An early infection with favorable conditions and moderate to high spore loads can lead to 100% loss, while low spore loads with less favorable conditions may result in little or no yield loss.


    Where is Canola Grown?

    Western Canadian Canola production and Energy development share a common footprint throughout the prairie provinces.



    AiM Can Help

    The Environmental Planning department at AiM has successfully developed client specific Clubroot management plans. Recently, AiM developed a complete management system for a client with 400+ locations. The scope of this project included:

      • Pre-disturbance cleaning protocol for Survey and Environmental crews
      • Site specific sampling program
      • Project specific clubroot management plan
      • Participation in R&D activities for cleaning methods
      • Landowner and Municipal consultation
      • Cleaning station inspection and documentation
      • Transition to long term management


    Sources: encyclopedia/diseases/clubroot/about-clubroot/#overview

    Jeff Quennelle

    Providing knowledge, direction and deliverables related to Environmental Planning to AiM clients and team. My expertise is in environmental permitting and regulatory applications; conducting environmental assessments and preparation of deliverables. Reach out if you’d like to discuss a Clubroot Management Plan for your company.


    Jeff Quennelle


    Senior Environmental Planner
    AiM LAND

    AiM Land Services